Benefits of being a Member of PRiSK

  • Receiving royalties when your work is played on radio , Tv and other public places in Kenya
  • Access to social and cultural fund (This is subject to rules and procedures laid out for the fund)
  • No deduction of 50% administrative fee for royalty collection.
  • Receiving royalty payment on international plays of your work from other Collective Management Organization once PRISK enters
  • into reciprocal agreements with internal CMOs. vi. Attending trainings, workshops and sensitization seminars that PRISK organizes from time to time in cooperation with various stakeholders in the entertainment industry.
  • Chance to interact with other performers during meetings organized by PRISK hence grown our career.
  • Priority access to opportunities presented to musicians and actors as and when they arise
  • Through PRISK performers have a unified voice to let their concerns and matters that affect them known to other institution and the government.