PRISK negotiates and sets tariffs with the different users of sound recordings and audio-visual works. In respect to any exploitation of works, PRISK administers performers' rights relating to broadcasting, communication to the public, making available by wire or wireless including transmission to subscribers to a diffusion or any digital service, copying or similar reproduction such as digital copying and any form of use of such works.

PRISK collects on behalf of its members, equitable remuneration from users of sound recordings and audio-visual works for purposes of broadcasting or other communication to the public. PRISK is also mandated to enter into agreements with manufacturers and importers of any audio-visual recording equipment and blank media intended for recording and collect all royalties levied to the royalties payable to the performers.


PRISK members are musicians and actors. This can be further classified as follows:

MUSICIANS: Vocalists (in main role and featured role), Track producers, Background Vocalists and Instrumentalists.

ACTORS: Performers in recorded films and series in main, featuring and supporting roles.

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Our licensees include a broadcaster or the owner of the premises where sound recordings and audio visual works are made audible to the public. In some cases the organizer of an event, rather than the owner of the premises, can be licensed. The premises can take the form of a salon, restaurant, hotel, events, public transport vehicles, among others. Find out more on our licenses and who should apply kindly click here: