Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) is a collective management organisation licensed by the Kenya Copyright Board to represent performers in musical and dramatic works.

PRISK is hence a performer works licensing company appointed as a collecting society under GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 12322. PRISK is a non-profit company limited by guarantee, and not having a share capital.

    • Mission Statement

To manage performers rights effectively and efficiently through collecting remuneration on behalf of the rights holders from various users of performers works and distributing royalties to those rights holders.

    • Values

Efficiency, Effectiveness, Service, Accountability, Convenience, Integrity

    • Objective

PRISK’s principal objective is to collect and distribute royalties.
PRISK administers performers rights relating to: Public performance, Broadcasting, Communication to the public, Making available to the public.

    • Goals
  • To enhance performers lives by creating value for their work
  • To enhance the realisation of performers rights
  • To act as a bridge between performers of music and artistic works and the users of those works
  • To provide a readily available documentation system that compiles performers works in a well reachable manner
  • To establish organisational capacity that is committed to the promotional of music and artistic work and talent hence deliver effectively