Daudi Kabaka is also well known for his Kenyan classic “Harambee Harambee” which largely reflects the aspirations of post colonial Kenya to rebuild their nation together.

Daudi collaborated with various artists such as Fadhili William’s Malaika, Pole Musa by Peter Tsotsi and Nashil Pichen, Taxi Driver with Fadhili, and Gabriel Omolo’s Lunch Time. For more than one generation, Kabaka’s own composition ‘ Harambee Harambee’, was the signature tune for the hourly news broadcasts at the Voice of Kenya now known as KBC. In 1993, URTNA (the Union of Radio and Television Networks in Africa) recognized Kabaka’s achievements with an honorary title of “Kenyan Cultural Ambassador.”

In 1995, Kabaka received the Kenyatta University’s Distinguished Service Award. Armed with his background as a musician and his training from the music conservatory, Kabaka later taught for several years as a Creative Arts instructor at Kenyatta University. With the passing of Fadhili William and George Agade, Kabaka’s friends and collegues, Kabaka brought together a new band of younger musicians he called them the Wazalendo Eagles Band.

One of the most outstanding composers and recording artist of the 1960’s, Daudi passed away on November 26, 2001, two days short of his 62nd birthday. Kabaka’s music and lyrics captured the spirit of a newly independent Kenya and he was content being crowned as “King of Twist.”

Photo courtesy of Daily Nation.

Story courtesy of wasaniikenya.com