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21 Sep 2018

The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) and Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) are registered by the Kenya Copyright Board as collective management organizations under Section 46(2) of the Copyright Act, 2001 to collect, administer and fairly distribute royalties on behalf of their members being producers of sound recordings and performers respectively.

KAMP& PRISK seek to bring together all its services in a centralized manner where all its business components will be accessed and integrated as one system.         


The ERP should have the follo wing functional areas (Modules).

·         Licensing Module(The main module in the ERP)

·         Financial Accounting Module

·         Human Resources Module

·         Supply Chain Management Module

For more details click on the link below to download the entire document:



14 Aug 2017

Regulatory framework on Collective Management Organizations.

We started the year with spearheading the process of developing a regulatory framework dubbed the Collective Management Organizations (CMO) Regulations for the collective management industry. For the longest time there was no regulation that guided the promotion of the values of Transparency, Accountability and Governance in the industry. The outcome is of this regulation shall definitely improve the operations of CMOs through enhanced supervisory structures.

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